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Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. That’s it. We want to help

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Get fit, become healthy and improve your confidence. It starts NOW!

The New You!

Do you want to be Healthy?

Do you want to be fit? 

Do you want unstoppable confidence because you look and feel fabulous?

Then stop talking about it and just do it already. 

It’s easy to talk about it, it’s easy to dream about it, but where does that get you? Nowhere. No one will do it for you. No one can do it for you. But if you don’t do it, you will still be going around in circles forever. Do what it takes now and get the body, fitness and confidence you want. NOW!

Sign up now for only £99 and get guaranteed results.. Its got a money-back guarantee… 

That’s a Diet plan specific to you and 12 months academy membership for only £99! one off payment  Let me help you, become the you, that you want to be!

The Process is simple.

  • Sign up.
  • After you sign up, you will be directed to a questionnaire form.
  • Fill in the questionnaire and be as accurate as you can
  • As soon as I receive the form, I will begin to build your meal plan. I will also text you to confirm all your details at this point. 
  • If I have any questions, I will give you a call personally. This is not signup and get a generic plan. This is a 100% tailored and written for you plan. It’s a 2-way dialogue. 
  • Over seven days, you will begin to receive your meal plan and instructions via email. I will text you each time I send your emails.
  • Keep in touch over the Facebook group to guarantee your success.

Good luck with your journey. Rob Seaward. Be Awesome Fitness.

We get results! Every one of our clients lose weight.


You see, to me it's simple. None of us know when our time is up, but one thing is for sure. I will reach that day being physically able to do anything I like.

Rob Seaward Head Instructor

What I have learned on this journey is there are no quick fixes, not one. The only way to change your body shape is paved with dedication, determination and consistency!

Rob Seaward Head Instructor

Even more of our positive results


We have changed the lives and health of humdreds of people, so here are a few more before and afters of some of our clients whilst they were still with us. We give you the tools to succeed long after the courses are complete.

Many of our clients have gone on to even better results just by sticking to the plan and processes we have given them.

Anthony Be Awesome
Stephen Main
Sarah main
Neil Main
Scott Main
Carlie main
Alan main