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Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. That’s it. We want to help

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John Main

On my 55th Birthday one of my mates sent me the pic. It was a reality check for me as my life had come out of control with over indulgence eating and drinking too much and lack of exercise and generally feeling unfit, sluggish and unhappy with my appearance.

My blood pressure was too high even with medication. Having chatted with Brian Warlow and seen the results he was getting I decided to respond to a Facebook advert and went along to see Rob. As the photos show, the results are there to see. It’s not been easy and a lot of effort has gone in as well as a lot of self discipline.

I feel stronger, healthier and happier. Whether I look better is up to one and all. Oh yes, my blood pressure is way down too. Thanks for challenging and changing my outlook on life.