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Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. That’s it. We want to help

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Jenna story

Well what I can I say my life was a car crash waiting to happen I had got myself into a rut and was really struggling to escape the continuous unhealthy habits I had picked up along the way.

Takeaways every night as I just didn’t have time to prepare meals (truthfully, I was too lazy to cook). Social smoking and drinking also become a regular habit and the fact that I drove my car everywhere including the shop which is 500 metres from my house !! laziness had become second nature to me, don’t get me wrong I had joined the gym my membership did run for 1 whole year cost me a pretty penny but it was all good I attended 3 times in that period, then I went on rugby tour with my children and that’s when I got dropped from a massive height this was reality kicking in!!!

I found that I was continuously out of breathe with the slightest form of exercise, my clothes were tight, my excuse was I must have shrunk them in the dryer!!.I was no role model to my children and I was showing them a lifestyle which wasn’t good for anyone.After chatting with one of the other Mums about how I wanted to change she told me all about ‘Be Awesome Fitness’ and BOOM that’s was my light bulb moment, this was my chance to change my life around.

Oh boy I weren’t expecting what happened next, after speaking with Rob he told me that I could start on the 5pm session which would be Monday to Friday and that the sign-up period was for 3 months, I remember thinking oh god this is going to be the longest 3 months of my life but on the plus side I will be skinny at the end {skinny was what I thought I wanted at that point, how wrong was I}.

The first day I remember walking into the gym and being the girl with no shape (lumps and bumps everywhere), no confidence and being nervous as hell, this was when I met my ‘Be Awesome’ family and what a fab bunch of guys they are, they made me feel so welcome and the nerves soon disappeared.

The results were visible within the first 4 weeks, the weight was dropping whilst the strength and confidence were raising this was when I realised I didn’t want to be skinny I wanted to change my body shape and be comfortable in my own skin.Weight at this point become irrelevant to me it was more about shape and replacing fat with muscle whilst losing inches.My fitness rocketed through the roof and I found I was pushing myself more in every session.So, after 3 months I had retrained my whole attitude, set the foundations for a new healthier lifestyle and bagged myself a new body which I felt comfortable in, now this couldn’t have been achieved without the guidance and support I have received from Robert Seaward.

Rob is a truly amazing personal trainer his professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic attuite towards fitness shows in every session providing a positive influence on all his clients, every training session is challenging yet the goals are achievable.Because of Robs work I am now mentally, emotionally and physically stronger but most importantly I am happier in my skin.I have great new muscles, increased energy levels, a retrained attitude to what food my family and I eat, and the laziness has gone I now use my legs and not the car (I actually completed the Cardiff Half Marathon, now that was a shock to the system providing 12 weeks before I couldn’t walk 500 metres never mind run 13.1 miles in 2hr 11 mins).

I would highly recommend ‘Be Awesome Fitness’ to anyone who is prepared to change their lifestyle for the better, and yes you guessed it I never left after 3 months I stayed on, I can honestly say ‘Be Awesome’ as become my second home my takeaway’s have now been replaced with training sessions and my life is no longer a car crash waiting to happen.