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Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. That’s it. We want to help

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Ian's Story

I was laying on the couch feeling as full as an egg and stuffed after yet another lazy weekend. This feeling of feeling too full was becoming far to familiar. I used to train hard in the gym but gave up due to building a new house and having my first child and also found it tough training on my own.

The last 6 years I felt uncomfortable in the summer and even found myself looking at a water slide on holiday wondering am I going to be the fatty that stops half way down. I have been and always will be the ‘jack the lad’ in the rugby club but I knew if I could lose weight I would be determined to keep it off.

I was flicking through Facebook and an advert for Be Awesome popped up due to a friend liking the page. I’ll be perfectly honest with you I thought it was another gimmick selling shakes or pills or something. Then I realised it was an actual gym in Port Talbot so I thought ‘let’s do this’. I spoke to Rob and agreed to meet him. I will again be perfectly honest when I had my trial session I looked at things like ball slams and waving ropes and thought this can’t work.

I used to heavy weight train and used to laugh at the people doing these classes. But after a couple of days I realised I had been totally wasting my time over all those years and not achieving what I could have. Rob knows his stuff in fairness and if you put the trust in him that he puts in you, you will see the results I guarantee you. This isn’t a gimmick it’s hard work but it’s enjoyable and life changing. I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have made in the last 10 years.

I have hit my 3 stone target in 16 weeks and feel “Awesome” Rob has given me the tools to carry on on my own and it’s down to me to maintain my look and more importantly my health. Good luck everyone it will be worth it.