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Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose. That purpose was to help as many people as physically possible. That’s it. We want to help

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Deborah story

Over the past few years….my weight has fluctuated and when I had a job that entailed spending over 16 hours a day on my bum writing reports..that’s when it got out of control…no exercises, no time to eat properly, lack of sleep and stress all took its toll…so when I packed that daft job in after a year I decided to improve my health and lose weight..I felt fat and nearly 50… Old before my time…On top of that me and my partner decided to get married and set a date…for the following year!

There was no way in hell I was getting married in a size 18 dress …I’m only 5 foot and i felt the lowest I been in a long time…I was miserable with the thought. So I made a conscious effort to lose weight ..I needed to lose a lot..where do I start? So there started my journey of trying anything and everything to lose weight…hypnosis, injecting myself daily with diabetic it supposed to be brill in losing weight, herbal life and fit camp, daft diets like the Dukan diet…there was little I didn’t try and was very seriously considering having a gastric band.. I was spending a fortune on fads that didn’t work and became more miserable…. then one day my step daughter mentioned a fitness instructor that may help..that’s when you entered my life Robert Seaward …After I made that one call to you and we discussed my weight-loss told me losing over 2 stone was easily achievable and I genuinely believed you told me it was a tough journey but if I wanted it badly enough and did as instructed I would reach my goal…I signed up.

My life then went into a reality I’ve never been in before I didn’t realise how mentally and physically challenged I would be…but also how much determination I had over the next 7 months. I attended they gym religiously with your guidance and learned how to exercise and lift weights…you was a pushy sod and took me to my limits…but you knew exactly what you was doing and how much I could do..your an amazing trainer and very experienced, I trusted in you…and with a small team training together and supporting each all became my fitness family.

I still hated exercise and dreaded going to each session as I hate sweating and knew it was going to be tough…but I knew I had to keep my promise and also not let you down…I hate to quit anything… so I pushed myself harder than I ever have…never to give up! I started training with you in the September 2016 and in the October bought a size 12 wedding dress…was I too ambitious I thought? Omg what if I don’t lose the weight? ..but I had already seen results in the short time there and believed in you Rob and started to believe myself that it may be possible and that I could wear that wedding dress if I stuck at it…Over the coming months I lost more weight and this week reached my goal of losing 2.5 stone…I am chuffed to bits, fitter and healthier than I’ve Ben for years..i feel great… And yes the wedding dress fits me perfectly have helped make me so happy rob, and I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and drive to help me reach my goal over the past 7 months…if there is anyone out there feeling there is no hope to lose weight And feeling miserable about it ..

Please don’t waste time and money on fad diets and too good to be true quick fix ideas…you’ll be fleeced like I was with no positive results only bad experiences…instead contact Robert Seaward and be certain to reach your goal…you’ve got nothing to lose other than lots of weight …guaranteed !!